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Fall 2016 Newsletter

The start of our 5th year in Hawaii has given us continued assurance that we are providing a much needed service to the community with enrollment in our programs higher than ever. We can only continue to grow with the support of the community, allowing us to bridge our knowledge and resources to refine our popular after-school Advantage Soccer Academy. We have some exciting news to highlight below that directly effects our students in the community.


Lawrence Smalls

Executive Director


3 NEW schools, 150 NEW students!

We want to welcome Iroquois Point, Kailua, and Ma’ema’e Elementary schools as partners with our Advantage Soccer Academy. That brings us to nine schools where students have the opportunity to enroll in our program to receive high quality after-school coaching with a goal to learn life skills through sports – and practice healthy lifestyle habits. With nearly 150 students participating in our soccer program, we see it as 150 more happy students exercising good health!

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