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Winter 2022 Newsletter

There hasn't been more important of a time to be outdoor and active than today. With Covid-19 mandates still in place in large parts of the world, there is a renewed sense to go on a run, hike, or partake in any other physical activity. It all helps relieve stress and makes us feel good about ourselves. This is why it has been really good that in every school we are working with again, enrollment is filled beyond maximum. Kids want to be outdoors in a fun playing environment. Not only that, they miss being able to challenge friends and laugh with friends in friendly games.

And this is what we are here for - to provide an after-school experience that is fun, safe, and healthy for our communities. I want to thank you on behalf of the Advantage Sports Academy team for your continued efforts and support for the organization. We wish you a healthy and prosperous start to the new year!


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