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Fall 2023 Newsletter

What a Women's World Cup to be enjoyed by millions around the world - and the journey we've been on together as a society. Let's congratulate the Spanish Women's National Team for winning their first World Cup. Like many of you, I was in Hawaii watching the games late into the evening and through midnight following our US Women's National Team. In the end, we could only advance as far as the round of 16, but that doesn't tell the whole story of the USWNT.

What we witnessed was an unprecedented viewership for women's sports around the world. That is a testament to the growth and changes in our society; and our USWNT have been leaders in equality for not just women's soccer, but all women's sports.

A reflection of the growth of female participation in sports is right here in our backyard with our after-school soccer program. We have seen increases in girls registering across all schools, and all applicable grade levels. This is consistent with our inclusive approach to making sure we are providing equal opportunity across all platforms and for future generations to come!


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