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Summer 2020 Newsletter

As the start of the 2020-21 school year approaches, we are all waiting to see what safety protocol and schedules will look like. Covid-19 has changed our world as we know it, the way we live our lives, and how we will approach our futures.

Advantage Sports Academy will remain an outlet for our students during these challenging times by adjusting our curriculum and protocols so that safety of our students and communities continues to remain a top priority.

As we wait for further instruction from the State of Hawaii and the Department of Education, we will continue to reach out an let you know which schools and communities we will be working with this coming year. Schools will have different schedules and distance learning environments.

Please see our plans below to make your child's after-school playing environment even safer. The students and the Advantage Sports Academy team thank you for your continued support and we hope everyone helps others stay safe by staying safe and healthy themselves!

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